Ecological Christianity

Ecological Christianity Circle This circle of “learning, support and action” focuses on our relationship with all of Creation and how it informs our faith and our daily decisions about how we live our lives.

The circle meets monthly at the church, in someone’s home, or outdoors. Each year the Circle plans and leads a special Worship service, usually on the Sunday closest to Earth Day.  The Circle organizes an annual event open to all, called “Rooted in Earth, Growing in Spirit”, at Tucker House Environmental Learning and Retreat Centre in Rockland.

 From A New Creed and A Song of Faith

We are not alone. We live in God’s world. In grateful response to God’s abundant love, we
bear in mind our integral connection to the earth and one another, and we participate in God’s
work of healing and mending Creation.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1)

The Ecological Christianity Circle of Kitchissippi United Church invites you to participate in our gatherings, special events, and outings.


A note from Faith & the Common Good (Ottawa)

Katherine Forster is the Ottawa Animator & Sustainable Outdoor Greening Coordinator for Faith & the Common Good. She spoke at the Ecological Christianity Circle gathering in November and sent her Powerpoint presentation to share with the congregation, along with this note:

It was great to connect to volunteers and hear about your Care for Creation activities and what you’d like to do next!  Faith & the Common Good is here to help.  Let us know and we can share resources, provide contacts and even do research if you have specific questions on sustainability. 

Two of the programs we are promoting now are: Outdoor Greening and Energy Benchmarking.  There are more details on our programs and resources in the powerpoint and I’m happy to answer any questions by phone or email.  We can notify you of the 2019 Outdoor Greening program when it launches as we hope to be supporting more gardens next year with funding, donations of native plants and outdoor ecological audits. The Energy Benchmarking will be launching in January and we can provide more details on this program also.

If anyone wants to be kept informed of our new programs and offerings, please sign up for our newsletter.  There is both a national newsletter and the local Ottawa chapter newsletter:  You can also follow us on social media! 

(If you’re curious about Faith & the Common Good, you can also ask Charlie, KUC’s Faith Formation Leader. Charlie works there part-time as well.)

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation: (click the link below)

Faith and the Common Good – Kitchissippi 2018 final


Would you like to know more about our activities?

Check out this link for a summary of activities: SUMMARY OF ECO CHRISTIANITY CIRCLE ACTIVITIES