Rental Information

Are you looking for a meeting or gathering space?

Kitchissppi United has a variety of spaces that can be made available for your next small or large group event.  Contact the church office by email at or call 613-722-7254.


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Location and Space Details

Main Hall

Small or large group gathering space. The seating capacity is 180 people (max).

Sound System with a portable microphone and access to tables and chairs, piano, and Wi-Fi.

Dimensions: 2400 sq. ft.

Banquets, music, theatre, yoga and dance rehearsals, visual arts groups, youth and sports events, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, and more!


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Large Kichen

Two appliances (stoves/ovens) commercial dishwasher, microwave, coffee urns, large counters space, commercial-sized refrigerator, and Wi-Fi.

Dimensions 610 sq. ft.

Food preparation or serving banquets. Used for large family gatherings and can be used as a meeting space. Fully stocked with plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses, mugs, etc. for 196 people.


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Seats approximately 200 people+ Balcony seats 80, Grand piano, sound system, beautiful stained glass windows, great acoustics and Wi-Fi.

Dimensions: 2100 sq. ft.

Sunday morning worship, concerts, book launches and music and piano recitals, gatherings.


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Quiet meeting or gathering space, fully carpeted with large screen TV.

Dimensions: 525 sq. ft.

Small group meeting space, Sunday School (Godly Play), Small group Yoga, music lessons, classroom.


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Parlour (with small kitchen and bathroom)

Quiet meeting space with sofas and comfy chairs, meeting table. Kitchenette and bathroom with change table.

Dimensions: 525 sq. ft.

Small group meeting space, music lessons, classroom, and Nursery on Sundays.