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Kitchissippi Friday File :KFF Sept 13 2019


The Poetry Club will meet every 2nd Sunday of the month (Sept 15, Oct 13, and Nov 10), following worship & coffee hour. Discussion, led by Charlie Scromeda will take place in the KUC Boardroom. Everyone is welcome; the poems will be printed in the Friday File and the bulletin, for those who would like to read them in advance.


This Sunday’s poem is “Waking to Eternity” by Carla Funk. Funk was born in Vanderhoof, British Colombia, taught creative writing at the University of Victoria, and served as Victoria’s inaugural poet laureate. In this poem from her 2010 book Apologetic, weaves together themes of faith, nature, and death.

Not light you notice first
but green
shoots and tendrils
winding up the bones—
what were your bones—
and leafprints pressed against
your skin
what was your skin

So this is how to think
two worlds at once–

how it is evening
with a white moth
drinking from the pool
of a low moon

how it is horses
disappearing into the hayfield
leaving the sun
and a trail of dust behind