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Sunday, August 5 at 10am

Join others from KUC and other creatures in the farm-like garden at 310 Carleton Avenue.

Home and Garden Church – The lawn and garden are easily accessible from the long bricked laneway, where as many as 18 chairs will be set up in the shade of a Northern Red Oak and Maples. The garden is designed with nature, and is full of many living, growing, even tasty things. The garden is ours to explore. Children especially welcome. Chairs can be moved around the garden as well, for comfort.

Hymns are planned; contemplation and observation activities are planned. It is suggested to bring binoculars and magnifiers. Also portable chair if you wish. Denise Bonomo will lead the service.

Across the street, the Church of the Annunciation at Spencer and Carleton also holds Sunday morning services at 10:00. Parking is on the streets. You are welcome to arrive early at 310 Carleton, to find parking and enjoy fellowship! Lemonade and water will be served after the service. There are two bathrooms downstairs, the most accessible is up 4 steps from street level at the front of the house, the back bathroom is up deck stairs. We will see you on Sunday morning, August 5.

**Transportation to the offsite locations can be arranged by calling the church office or email Chair of Worship  We would appreciate advance notice so that drivers can be informed.

Sunday, August 12 – the service will be led by Kitchissippi Men’s Ministry (Men’s Breakfast attendees).

Sunday, August 19 – the service will be led by Peggy Tyson and family with a special program of music at the church.

Sunday, August 26 – the service will be a Forest Church celebration lead by Andrea Prazmowski. At the moment the plan is to meet at the church and walk together to Hampton Park.

Forest Church Come and contemplate the wisdom of the “Book of Nature” and participate in a Forest Church Sunday. On a very gentle and slow walk, you will be invited and guided to step away from the stresses of life and step into a place of contemplation, with your senses awake to the gifts of nature around us. Through mindful walking — or “forest bathing”, we can nurture and deepen our relationship with God’s Creation.

We will meet on the front steps of the church — or in the narthex if the morning is hot — and then walk among the trees on the edge of the Royal Ottawa property. If you have a lightweight camp chair that is easy to carry, please bring it along (we will have extra chairs and people who can carry yours for you, too.) The Forest Church will be led by Andrea Prazmowski — feel free to contact her if you have questions —

Take A Walk in the Woods!