Familiar Voices

Familiar Voices from Kitchissippi United Church

KUC’s’ Welcome to Advent’ event was a hit!

A good time was had by all last Sunday, November 30th at KUC
Thank you all who came out on Saturday for our “Welcome advent event”. The weather was nice and everyone had a lovely time. Even if it hadn’t been, we had hot chocolate and cookies to keep us warm.

Thank you to Mike Patriquin for the wonderful Christmas tree, which now rests at the front door of the church. It was fun trying to throw all the mitts, socks, and hats through the holes in the trees. A trunk full of food including a number of grocery cards were donated for the food bank in addition to the donations received for church outreach activities. The church looks lovely with the outside decorations and the birds/animals will enjoy their treats. Thank you to Diana, Sarah, and Camille for the decorations and the advent wreaths to take home. While the Queensway noise competed with the music from Gavan and Rod it could still be heard and was greatly appreciated.

Here is a short video created and submitted by Doug Patriquin- enjoy!



Familiar Voices – A cozy reading from KUC’s youth Mason for the YAYA (Youth and Young Adults Worship)  https://youtu.be/s_vPcJ2omh0


Familiar Voices – Nancy Brodie New scripture recording. Matthew 14: 13-21  


Here is a story from Janis Anderson- with visuals – “Seven Wonders” – Enjoy


Video from Denise and Enrico Bonomo – Pictures are from Kitchissippi’s Gardens (set to the tune of trumpets playing  “An English Garden” )


Scripture reading (song of Solomon) from Scott MacCrimmon – July 2020



Video from Diana Brushey

July  2, 2020 – “This is a song written by a 4-year-old. We learned it many years ago so that 4 year old is probably a young adult now. Ted and I (Diana) have used it with lots of kids over the years as we sing about things in nature that we love. It was fun sharing it with Rowan, though mostly now we’re asking him to stay around as he tries to run run run! What do you want to stay around? We’ve heard everything from cats and dogs to jaguars and pandas… and even one verse about a proboscis (a little kid really liked bugs and thought the word for an insect tongue was really funny). If you want to try singing it together or even share your own silly clip about what you want to stay around, let me know!”Stay tuned for the blooper reel…Diana

Video link here: https://youtu.be/-NunaM42Onw

Familiar Places – A message from Mary Laidlaw – June 24, 2020


An Iris Story from the KUC Alcove Garden- By Denise Bonomo