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Kitchissippi United Church continues Worship Services on Sundays!

Sunday morning worship services continue online via the Livestreaming with Rideau Park United Church every Sunday at 10 am.   You can find us both at 

Here is a link to past services at Rideau Park with Kitchissippi United

Message from Rev. Jenni – October 2020


Monday/Tuesday throughout the fall, the Broadview Reading Club meets and all are welcome. Please see the dates below. We chose what we will read and discuss the following week each week.

Monday the 19th
Tuesday the 27th

Monday the 2nd
Monday the 9th
Monday the 16th
Tuesday the 24th
Monday the 30th

Monday the 7th
Monday the 14th
Monday the 21st

Thursdays throughout the fall, we are being invited, by Rev. Steve of Rideau Park, to join a Zoom meditation group. Steve writes Twenty minutes of quiet, peace, and mindfulness, shared together through Zoom. Meditation is not difficult. And group meditation is a deepening experience. We will record meditation guides for you to use on your own if Thursdays at 10 am don’t work for you.

To join in the live group, please email Rev. Steve Clifton to receive the zoom invitation. The recorded meditation guides will be posted within a few days after the online group session.

I’m enclosing a couple of pictures from recent encounters with baby animals: first, I didn’t know bunnies mated all summer, as a new baby bunny came onto the scene last week! As you will see from the picture, I also have a lot of green tomatoes! The second/third pictures are of a baby alpaca born on September 1st at The Log Farm on Cedarview. It was adorable and sleepy, but the farm was well worth the $6 a person to attend. Oh why not enclose more pictures? There were really cute goats too, who liked having behind their ears scratched!

Thankful for God’s creation, God’s creatures, and God’s children. May you have a wonderful weekend, open to God’s loving presence in the world.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

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